With 25 years experience as a fingerprint/footwear examiner and 12 years as a crime scene investigator, along with international certifications in each of these disciplines, I possess the knowledge, skills and abilities to assist you with your cases.  Whether you have a difficult comparison or need a fresh look at a challenging case, Black & White Forensics is here for you.  We are here to assist law enforcement, prosecutors, defense attorneys and other stakeholders in understanding what the evidence means - or may not mean - in a given case.  We can also conduct casework audits as a quality assurance mechanism so that both agency managers and bench examiners understand the quality of work being performed for their communities.

 "Issues in Forensic Fingerprint Examination" is a 2-hour presentation designed primarily for attorneys.  The following material will be covered and attendees will gain an understanding of how to work with a fingerprint expert to better prepare their cases.   

  • Examination methodology
  • Documentation issues
  • Articulation of conclusions
  • Recent legal challenges
  • Direct and cross-examination guidance


My main focus with training is to ensure that every attendee gains both a deeper understanding and working knowledge of the subject matter presented.  This training may be one of my courses, or could be a course delivered in connection with Ron Smith and Associates, Inc.  I have successfully trained the following groups of individuals in over 250 classes/presentations to date:  law enforcement, crime scene investigators, forensic scientists, prosecuting and defense attorneys, forensic pathologists, coroners, military personnel and students.

Black & White Forensics, LLC

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