Black & White Forensics, LLC  is a forensic consulting company based in South Carolina, USA.  Our mission is simple -  to focus on and provide quality forensic output.  We are a company that prides itself on objectivity and a commitment to the physical evidence.  Therefore, we will never choose sides in a case because we only follow the data and the evidence.  As our name implies, we are truth seekers that only see in black and white.

Black & White Forensics, LLC

‚Äč"Because the truth isn't gray."

We specialize in the following areas:

  • Case reviews involving fingerprint examination, footwear examination and crime scene investigation  
  • Thorough review of reported conclusions and the examination documentation to support those conclusions
  • Assessment of the accuracy of reported conclusions
  • Review of agency standard operating procedures (SOPs) to determine if they are in accordance with current best practices
  • Assisting various criminal justice system stakeholders in understanding the value and limitations of physical evidence
  • Assisting defense and prosecuting attorneys with trial preparation
  • Providing highly specialized training to the law enforcement, legal, forensic, military and educational communities
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